Program PWP-009 : Indigeneous Gatherings

Pimicikamak established this program to assist Youth, Elders and Women with traditional gatherings to support:

-Pimicikamak youth to have planned events such as Youth Council Trips for conferences and traditional gatherings. ($36,000)
-annual Elder’s Gatherings hosted at two sites (Minago Elder’s Camp and North Whiskeyjack Elder’s Camp), and, various Treaty meeting events involving Elders. This gathering is a means to congregate the elders and to celebrate their lives, honour their years of survival, follow their healing journey to respect their years of wisdom. ($36,000 x 2)
-Pimicikamak women and their annual gathering. ($36,000)


(As of November 20, 2018, the costs reported reflect the spending of Q1 and Q2.)