Program 37-PWP-004 : Indiginous Peoples Softball

This tournament was held July 20 – 23, 2017. This tournament is designed exclusively for indigenous peoples to take part in the softball Championships games. Teams came from all over Manitoba Indigenous territories came to participate. 

This event encourages active participation in sports, which can lower incidence of health problems. It also brings the community together in an event where everyone can participate either as competitors or cheering bystanders, thereby improving the morale of the community and improving interpersonal relationships.

The tournament was an overall success but not without obstacles.  Pimicikamak should take this opportunity to encourage and promote brotherhood amongst indigenous nations.  We lack lodging, we feel more nations would enter our tournaments if we had more lodging establishments. We need to budget better and look at cost sharing as we went over budget on all of the baseball tournaments. Also, the coordination of major tournaments such as this needs to be solidified. Our coordinators were surprised with last minute tournament coordinating duties.