Program PWP-034 : Minoh-ya-win Integration Program

Pimicikamak initiated this program in an effort to address a Justice System that is failing the Pimicikamak Citizens.
This program is targeted at working with troubled youth, and offering them traditional methods of healing and guidance from the community and elders, instead of incarceration.

Pimicikamak seeks to incrementally integrate Canada’s Justice Program that criminalized Cross Lake Band Members who are predominantly Pimicikamak Citizens; that were dispossessed from their land, ways of life and culture. A local Justice Committee along with a Justice Research Coordinator will be tasked to re-integtrate a criminalized people back to land based traditional and cultural teachings and programming to ensure individuals work towards the objective of reconnecting their spirit to the land and providing wholistic healing programming.


(As of November 20, 2018, the costs reported reflect the spending of Q1 and Q2.)