Program 11 : Softball Upgrades – Phase 3

Phase 3 - Completing the upgrades for 3 softball fields including lights, grading and fencing. Pile drilling, setting, trenching and electrical hook up will be required for 13 lights. Upon completion of lights, the area will be cleaned up, regraded and reseeded. Fencing will be constructed around the Mikisiew Building with gates. Dual batting cages with tops will be added onto the Sag diamonds and fencing will added around Sag 1&2 outfields.

Pimicikamak invested in the recreational and sporting pursuit of their people by upgrading four ball fields located at Mikisew, Otter Nelson River School, Saggitiwak 1 and Saggitiwak 2. Some of the upgrades included ground improvements such as leveling of the field and seeding of the grass, new dugouts and newly installed flood lights and fencing around the perimeter of the fields to ensure the safety of those in the area.

These fields are now considered state of the art, and is arguably the best softball fields in Northern Manitoba.



(As of November 20, 2018, the costs reported reflect the spending of Q1 and Q2.)