Program 11 : Softball Upgrades – Phase 3

Pimicikamak has invested in the recreational and sporting pursuit of our people by upgrading the infrastructure for softball diamonds at Saggitiwak 1 and 2, Mikisew School and ONR School. Access to and from the diamonds continue to be a challenge, overcrowding of areas and traffic congestion therefore it is recommend a budget be allocated for further upgrades on parking lots around the diamond, relocation of temporary washrooms to John Beardy Field to provide permanent W&S and electrical access from Alberts Lake Main Line Service.  Approximately 200 LM.

Some of the upgrades included ground improvement works such as leveling the field before seeding it with grass, new dugouts and installing new field lighting and putting up a fences around the perimeter of the fields to ensure the safety of those in the area. The program spending during this fiscal year turned out to be over budget due to the costs associated with the lights and add on of a batting cage at Sagitiwak.  At the end of the summer of 2018, Pimicikamak has three state of the art softball field facilities with modern lighting to enhance the youth’s access to the facilities.  The old light poles from Sagitawak were moved to ONR and were erected around the soccer field.